Victoria's Best Wild Life Experience
Wild Action is the industry leader in environmental activations. Owned and operated by tertiary qualified scientists, we engage and captivate people of all ages, in an entertaining and interactive way.
Victoria's Ultimate Wild Life Experience 
Wild Action is the industry leader  in environmental activations. Owned and operated by tertiary qualified scientists, we engage  and captivate people of all ages, in an entertaining and interactive way.
The Wild Action Experience

Established in 1994. We are the largest provider of school wildlife educational incursions, kids reptile parties, and corporate wildlife encounters in Victoria. Wild Action also is a fixed exhibiting zoo, licensed by the Department of Land, Water and Planning.

We open our facility for private wildlife tours, tourism groups and Zoo Keeper Workshops, providing for a truly unbeatable wildlife experience!

Highly qualified Tertiary Team members, who you can trust with their impeccable knowledge and training.

ZooHQ is situated on a privately owned 11 acre wildlife facility in the picturesque Macedon Ranges, Victoria.  

Our ethos is simple. How can we save the Natural World, if we have no empathy or understanding of it?

Education is the key to Conservation. That's the Wild Action difference!

Are you ready to take a walk on the wild side?

Chris Humfrey's
Junior Zoo Keeper Workshops


Your Child can spend a whole day with TV Zoologist Chris Humfrey, at his very own private zoo. Work up-close and personal with his amazing animal family! Learn all about animal husbandry, conservation, and caring for endangered species.
We are now open for business in the upcoming Winter School Holidays! 
The Wild Action Team.
Wild Action employs a Team of twelve ‘animal mad’ Scientists, and our award-winning Company educates well over 250,000 school
children a year...on all things Wild!

Ultimately, it is Wild Action's goal to inspire people to develop an interest and empathy in all things 'WILD', by delivering responsible, sustainable and educational wildlife encounters. Together we can all make a difference!
Wild Action at Australia Open Tennis
Why not take a walk on the wild-side with your next special event or function?
Whether it be pre-dinner entertainment or an intimate 'meet and greet' for VIP International Guests, our Australian Wildlife activations are certain to impress. Engaging and knowledgeable, the Wild Action Team are friendly with a wealth of information to share.

Imagine, having a kookaburra laugh on cue, 'snuggling' up to a joey kangaroo, and getting 'Selfies' with our friendly koalas, just to name a few!
live Giant Snakes, Crocodiles, Behemoth Lizards, Frogs,  endangered Owl, Kangaroo joey, Possum, Koala + more!

14 hours ago

Wild Action

Meet Tayla, one of our animal loving keepers. Tayla LOVES animals so much, she even has a veritable zoo at her own home! Her favourite animal at ZooHQ are our dingoes. Having recently completed her Certificate III in Captive Animal Studies, Tayla is dedicated and determined to protect animal welfare at all cost.
Tayla is pictured here with her beloved 'Black-berry' the horse, and Kim, the shingle-back lizard.

Tayla and her family rescue dogs, cats and even lambs.
No more rescue lambs PLEASE Tayla......our house is full!

What a great 'Gang' we have at ZooHQ!

#thisisthebestdayofmylife #loveyouranimals #macedonranges
#wildactionzoo #chrishumfrey
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22 hours ago

Wild Action

Obviously I had an early start + too many coffees! I forgot to attach the clip! Oh's 'Corona Land'.

Here is our latest clip on the laughing kookaburra! Chucky hatched in my hand from an egg.... and we have been best mates ever since! Share and ENJOY!
#laughingkookaburras #thisisthebestdayofmylife #macedonranges #chrishumfrey #protectbiodiversityatallcost #wildactionzoo #lockUpYourCats
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1 day ago

Wild Action

Meet Lily Tomkinson another amazing Wild Action Team Member. An International Australian Team member of the down hill ski slopes + Australian Champion! What has this KID not Achieved! Lily focuses all of her elite athleticism into her Zoo Keeping role at ZooHQ whilst studying Vet Nursing as well! There is no stopping Lily!

Hmm Hmm....a little 'birdie'...well big 'birdie... has told us that there is a bit of a Wild Action romance going down. We have often noticed that Lilly and 'Midget' the macaw often get 'side-tracked' lost in conversation during zoo keeper rounds!'s not the first time a romance has 'blossomed' at Wild Action! It won't be the last LOL!

#thisisthebestdayofmylife #macedonranges #WildAction #macaws #protectbiodiversityatallcost
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2 days ago

Wild Action

Come on everyone!
Fast and furious fun facts about the SHORT BEAKED ECHIDNA

1)Did you know that short-beaked echidna is one of the most widely distributed native mammals in Australia, found in every State and Territory?

2) The echidna's tongue can be up to 18cm in length, to slurp up yummy termites and ants? They can even bend their tongues to reach into difficult to reach chambers where their prey is hiding.

3) The echidna has the second lowest mammalian active body temperature (second to the platypus) at 33 degrees celsius.

4) Echidnas are monotremes, which means that they lay an egg to reproduce. The egg only takes 10 days to incubate and hatch!

5) Echidnas don't sweat. Hey......they don't have to wear deodorant!

6)The echidna is home to one of the World's largest fleas....the echidna flea!

7)Their protective hard spines are actually modified hairs made our of keratin. They are not venomous!

Wild Action HQ is home to a number of short beaked echidnas.

#shortbeakedechidna #monotreme #protectbiodiversityatallcost

#macedonranges #chrishumfrey #WildAction #thisisthebestdayofmylife
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2 days ago

Wild Action

Meet Jamie, our young Zoo Keeper extraordinaire! Studying Zoology at Deakin University. Lovingly known around ZooHQ as the Ginger-Ninja. Quick on his feet, always up for a laugh, with a HUGE appetite to always continue learning....and joking! No job is too hard, or task..... too onerous. He's like our 'hard-wired' ENERGIZER bunny! We appreciate all he does, and always puts a smile on everyone's face...despite his lame jokes LOL! With strong Scottish heritage, he is referred to in Wild Action's phone as 'That's not how you make porridge'. Remember that ad?

#gingerninja #sonotohaggis #zookeeperlife #zookeeperextraordinaire #WildAction #chrishumfrey #macedonranges #thisisthebestdayofmylife #protectbiodiversityatallcost #COVID19 #uncletobeys #energizerbunny
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