Victoria's Best Wild Life Experience
Wild Action is the industry leader in environmental activations. Owned and operated by tertiary qualified scientists, we engage and captivate people of all ages, in an entertaining and interactive way.
Victoria's Ultimate Wild Life Experience 
Wild Action is the industry leader  in environmental activations. Owned and operated by tertiary qualified scientists, we engage  and captivate people of all ages, in an entertaining and interactive way.
The Wild Action Experience

Established in 1994. We are the largest provider of school wildlife educational incursions, kids reptile parties, and corporate wildlife encounters in Victoria. Wild Action also is a fixed exhibiting zoo, licensed by the Department of Land, Water and Planning.

We open our facility for private wildlife tours, tourism groups and Zoo Keeper Workshops, providing for a truly unbeatable wildlife experience!

Highly qualified Tertiary Team members, who you can trust with their impeccable knowledge and training.

ZooHQ is situated on a privately owned 11 acre wildlife facility in the picturesque Macedon Ranges, Victoria.  

Our ethos is simple. How can we save the Natural World, if we have no empathy or understanding of it?

Education is the key to Conservation. That's the Wild Action difference!

Are you ready to take a walk on the wild side?

Zoo Zoom™
Professional digital workshops 
with a difference!

TV Zoologist Chris Humfrey will enthral, entertain and WOW your students with his amazing encyclopaedic knowledge on Australian wildlife! Filmed and digitally broadcast from Wild Action's private zoo facility, you’ll have an unprecedented behind-the-scenes tour of his amazing wildlife facility.

The Wild Action Team.
Wild Action employs a Team of twelve ‘animal mad’ Scientists, and our award-winning Company educates well over 250,000 school
children a year...on all things Wild!

Ultimately, it is Wild Action's goal to inspire people to develop an interest and empathy in all things 'WILD', by delivering responsible, sustainable and educational wildlife encounters. Together we can all make a difference!
Wild Action at Australia Open Tennis
Why not take a walk on the wild-side with your next special event or function?
Whether it be pre-dinner entertainment or an intimate 'meet and greet' for VIP International Guests, our Australian Wildlife activations are certain to impress. Engaging and knowledgeable, the Wild Action Team are friendly with a wealth of information to share.

Imagine, having a kookaburra laugh on cue, 'snuggling' up to a joey kangaroo, and getting 'Selfies' with our friendly koalas, just to name a few!
live Giant Snakes, Crocodiles, Behemoth Lizards, Frogs,  endangered Owl, Kangaroo joey, Possum, Koala + more!

1 day ago

Wild Action

We can't wait to meet all of our 'budding' zoo keepers over the school holidays. We still have a few spots left. Small groups of participants, unparalleled access to a myriad of native species.
We focus on 'hands-on' learning, captive animal husbandry, captive breeding programs, and safe animal interactions.

Regional Kids only (sorry!).

All participants receive a signed copy of my latest book "Chris Humfrey's Awesome Australian Animals".

Professional photos of their WILD day wildlife encounters.

A Junior Zoo Keeper personalised certificate

A copy of Chris Humfrey's "Animal Instinct" TV Series on DVD.

Bookings can be made directly through our website.
Any enquiries, please don't hesitate to ring on 0419 385 245
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3 days ago

Wild Action

It's the little things in life which make me laugh! We all need a good giggle at the moment. So here it is... our Friday FUNNY!

Well, I hope you think it's funny LOL?????????

'Bella' the lorikeet and Memphis the Dalmatian, always have interesting encounters when it comes to mealtime at our house.
There is never a dull moment!

Have a great weekend everyone! Stay safe!

And.....remember, we NEVER leave our animals unsupervised, that would be asking for trouble :)

#lovewhereyoulive #lookafteryourself #laugh #thisisthebestdayofmylife #macedonranges #chrishumfrey #lorikeet #dalmatian #dalmatiansofinstagram
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4 days ago

Wild Action

Thanks to my Team for taking some great footage of me chatting to some young children on one of our ZooZooms today. Yes I know.... different species of snakes eat a whole manner of things...however in context to my Zoom presentation (which you didn't see), we were discussing smaller types of pythons and their diets. There is always a critic....isn't there LOL!

It's great to see that we can still engage, enthral and entertain young viewers back at home.

Our koala boys certainly like to 'photo bomb' our Q & A session after our presentation!

#thisisthebestdayofmylife #zoozooms #wildaction #wildactionzoo #juniorzookeeperworkshops #macedonranges #macedon #chrishumfrey #lovewhereyoulive #lovelife #koalas
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5 days ago

Wild Action

This is something which you don't get to see everyday.

WOW at these 2 day old neonate critically endangered mountain pygmy possum joeys filmed today. We only get one chance to film, and we won't disturb them again. For perspective, look at the size of my (dirty thumb) compared to the baby. Even the camera found it hard to focus on these tiny incy-wincy beings!

The gestation period of a mountain pygmy possum is a mere 15 days. The Mother gives birth to 4 joeys. The other two joeys are hidden in the pouch. The joeys are still fused to the Mother's teat, so they will not dislodge at this stage with gentle inspection.

This is a vital part of our breeding efforts at ZooHQ.

It's now imperative to remove the male from the enclosure, and to give this Mother possum, peace and quiet for the next 2 months. Absolute peace and quiet, and NO disturbance or peaking!

This necessary isolation is paramount to successfully raise her four joeys. They really are great MUMs!

We have learnt so much breeding this adorable little marsupial alpine denizen. With less than 2000 thought to be left in the wild, every birth in captivity (regardless of your zoo politics) is vital.

Mountain pygmy possums are directly threatened by climate change, loss of habitat, and introduced predators such as European red fox and cats.

#thisisthebestdayofmylife #macedonranges #juniorzookeeperworkshops #chrishumfrey #wildaction #wildactionzoo #MountainPygmyPossum #burramysparvus #endangered #endangeredspecies #criticallyendangered
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5 days ago

Wild Action

Don’t forget, Chris Humfrey’s Junior Zoo Keeper program is operational these upcoming school holidays for Regional kids. Get in quick….. as it is booking out quickly!

Limited spots due to COVID restrictions and COVID safe plan.

All participants receive a free personally signed copy of Chris’ latest book “Chris Humfrey’s Awesome Australian Animals”.

#thisisthebestdayofmylife #chrishumfrey #juniorzookeeperworkshops #macedonranges #lovewhereyoulive #handsonlearning #wildaction #wildactionzoo
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Chris Humfrey's Latest book - Awesome Australian Animals
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Chris Humfrey’s Awesome Australian Animals covers 15 amazing critters ranging from koalas and kookaburras to frogs and pythons. Each species gets four spreads in the book which are peppered with incredible facts and stunning photos.
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