Victoria's Best Wild Life Experience
Wild Action is the industry leader in environmental activations. Owned and operated by tertiary qualified scientists, we engage and captivate people of all ages, in an entertaining and interactive way.
Victoria's Ultimate Wild Life Experience 
Wild Action is the industry leader  in environmental activations. Owned and operated by tertiary qualified scientists, we engage  and captivate people of all ages, in an entertaining and interactive way.
The Wild Action Experience

Established in 1994. We are the largest provider of school wildlife educational incursions, kids reptile parties, and corporate wildlife encounters in Victoria. Wild Action also is a fixed exhibiting zoo, licensed by the Department of Land, Water and Planning.

We open our facility for private wildlife tours, tourism groups and Zoo Keeper Workshops, providing for a truly unbeatable wildlife experience!

Highly qualified Tertiary Team members, who you can trust with their impeccable knowledge and training.

ZooHQ is situated on a privately owned 11 acre wildlife facility in the picturesque Macedon Ranges, Victoria.  

Our ethos is simple. How can we save the Natural World, if we have no empathy or understanding of it?

Education is the key to Conservation. That's the Wild Action difference!

Are you ready to take a walk on the wild side?

Zoo Zoom™
Professional digital workshops 
with a difference!

TV Zoologist Chris Humfrey will enthral, entertain and WOW your students with his amazing encyclopaedic knowledge on Australian wildlife! Filmed and digitally broadcast from Wild Action's private zoo facility, you’ll have an unprecedented behind-the-scenes tour of his amazing wildlife facility.

The Wild Action Team.
Wild Action employs a Team of twelve ‘animal mad’ Scientists, and our award-winning Company educates well over 250,000 school
children a year...on all things Wild!

Ultimately, it is Wild Action's goal to inspire people to develop an interest and empathy in all things 'WILD', by delivering responsible, sustainable and educational wildlife encounters. Together we can all make a difference!
Wild Action at Australia Open Tennis
Why not take a walk on the wild-side with your next special event or function?
Whether it be pre-dinner entertainment or an intimate 'meet and greet' for VIP International Guests, our Australian Wildlife activations are certain to impress. Engaging and knowledgeable, the Wild Action Team are friendly with a wealth of information to share.

Imagine, having a kookaburra laugh on cue, 'snuggling' up to a joey kangaroo, and getting 'Selfies' with our friendly koalas, just to name a few!
live Giant Snakes, Crocodiles, Behemoth Lizards, Frogs,  endangered Owl, Kangaroo joey, Possum, Koala + more!

2 days ago

Wild Action

You know what they say, "Every cloud has a silver lining"....but, it's really hard to see when we are all in a fifth lockdown!

Thankfully today, we discovered another bundle of healthy critically endangered mountain pygmy possums, snuggled up in their drey. Four very healthy joeys! It certainly did bolster our morale, in an incredibly difficult time.It's great to also show, that MPP's will breed all year round if you keep them in the perfect conditions. They don't need to hibernate!

Aren't they precious!

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3 days ago

Wild Action

Now there are two!

Meet Eggbert & Vegas, our 5 day old emu chicks. Macedon Winters are icy-cold and can be cruel to baby animals. We cannot risk their safety. These gorgeous chicks will spend the next Month or so inside, safe and sound in a warm environment. Luckily we have concrete floors!

They certainly look happy and content in front of the open fireplace!

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5 days ago

Wild Action

'Chuck' our adorable male koala had a routine check-up today Greencross Vets Woodend. Dr Genine Rabie our 'super-star' Vet, thoroughly examined 'Chuck', and gave hime a clean 'bill' of health.

'Chuck' is a very messy eater, and has been known to gorge himself on yummy gum leaves to the point where he dribbles!

We just wanted to check out his teeth, and dental hygiene.
10/10 Chuck! What a healthy boy you are. Despite, being a messy eater, you are in 'tip-top' condition, and a perfect patient!

I'm guessing that all you have someone in your household who doesn't have the best table manners LOL!

#thisisthebestdayofmylife #greencrossvet
#chrishumfreysawesomeaustraliananimals #koalas
#macedonrangesnaturallycool #educationisthekeytoconservation #walkyourdogonalead #wildaction #wildactionzoo #chrishumfreyhq #chrishumfrey
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1 week ago

Wild Action

ZooHQ pic of the day!

1,2,3 Awwwwww!
Look at these National emblem cuties, all snuggled up together on a freezing Winter's day.

We hope it cheers everyone up a little in lockdown.

#thisisthebestdayofmylife #emu #kangaroo #macedonrangesnaturallycool #educationisthekeytoconservation
#chrishumfreysawesomeaustraliananimals #wildactionzoo #wildaction #chrishumfreyhq #lockUpYourCats #walkyourdogonalead #handsonlearning #iloveaustralia #visitvictoria
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1 week ago

Wild Action

Just late this afternoon 4pm

Hopefully more bundles of joy tomorrow morning.

55 day incubation period. Poor 'Elvis' the Dad emu. He hasn't eaten nor drunk fluids for the past 55 days. That certainly is 'Dad of the Year' material!

Sadly, Emu chicks fall victim to invasive species such as European red fox, dogs and cats.

#thisisthebestdayofmylife #chrishumfreysawesomeaustraliananimals #educationisthekeytoconservation #emu #wildaction #australiananimals #macedon #macedonranges #macedonrangesnaturallycool
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