Take a walk on the wild side at your next special Event!

Treat your International Delegates with an exclusive Wildlife experience!

Wild Action is the expert in providing exclusive wildlife activations at your next International Conference.

We are the perfect choice for pre-dinner drink 'meet and greets' for discerning International delegates.

Our involvement in providing quality activations at Conferences spans over 25 years.

The Wild Action Team are professional, friendly and engaging Scientists. Our wildlife experience is entertaining and educational.

Which Native Australian Animals can we display?

Wild Action has an extraordinary array of friendly iconic Australian wildlife.

We have all of the animals which Corporate Clientele expert to see when they visit Australia.

Koala(s), kangaroo joey, echidna, bats, critically endangered mountain pygmy possum, brush tailed bettongs, long nosed potoroos, owls, dingo, wombat, kookaburra, crocodiles, tawny frogmouth, giant tropical bugs, behemoth python snakes, monitor lizard + so much more.

Imagine, having a kookaburra laugh on cue, ‘snuggling’ up to a joey kangaroo, and getting ‘selfies’ with our friendly koalas, just to name a few!

Are our animals stressed?

Great question! Our animals are completely relaxed when they are displayed, because they have been lovingly raised at our very own private wildlife facility and are very much use to people. We expertly manage, rest and rotate our animals subject to audience size, longevity of your event and environmental factors.

What do we offer?

Roaming Interactive Wildlife

We can offer exclusive roaming 'hands-on' interaction with our incredible wildlife. Our expert zoological Team will engage with your delegation 

and WOW everyone with their amazing knowledge on each animal's incredible adaptations, ecological niche and quirky fun facts.

Interactive BLOCKBUSTER stage shows.

Imagine hearing a laughing kookaburra laugh across the auditorium at your convention. The sound of this enigmatic bird is a guaranteed crowd stopper!

TV Zoologist Chris Humfrey and his amazing team can ‘show-case’ Australia's unique and fabulous wildlife live on stage at your event. Our wildlife show is engaging and interactive, involving audience participation.

Fun, witty, and highly education, Chris' contagious passion for all things WILD will help make your International Conference a guaranteed success!

What Venues are suitable for our Wildlife Activations?

We have worked at all of Melbourne’s major event locations. We will liaise with site Managers to make your special event stress free.
Risk assessments, certificate of currency and Animal Management Plans are routinely provided for full transparency.
Give us a buzz!
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