Awesome Australian Animals

Did you know that Koalas poo more than 200 times per day? – that’s more than once every 10 minutes!
This is just one of the hundreds of fascinating animal facts that are packed into this brilliant new book by
TV zoologist Chris Humfrey.

Chris Humfrey’s Awesome Australian Animals covers 15 amazing critters ranging from koalas and kookaburras to frogs and pythons. Each species gets four spreads in the book which are peppered with
incredible facts and stunning photos.

One of the book’s USPs is that the author performs the role of narrator, almost like a cartoon character with speech bubbles helping to explain what’s going on. And each species account has a QR code which links to bonus content in the form of short videos.

The book transcends age ranges from five years old to early teens by having ‘layers’ of information. Young kids will be drawn in by the pics and can have the text read to them by a parent. Slightly older children will start reading the text themselves. And there are features included which mean that much older kids will be able to read and reread the book and will still learn new things that they might not have picked up at a younger age.

The information in the book ties in neatly with the school curriculum, while the facts that the author is face-to-face with a quarter of a million school kids per year, and that his shows are available to millions of TV viewers worldwide, will ensure that this book is a popular addition to our natural history list


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